i just wanted to share a little of my experience this weekend of Shakti Fest with y'all today.  This annual festival is like a Yoga buffet with a sampling of several different styles of Yoga.  What a great gift to have all of these teachings in one place!  i have always enjoyed these Yoga conferences and festivals.  They are a forum for us to stand together unified in the path of spirituality.  The blissful energy that is cultivated is a definite benefit to those who attend and beyond.  i can only imagine what the world would be like if people from around the globe and every walk of life got the opportunity to take a glimpse of the inner world of Yoga!!  

It was so wonderful to take have a mini get away in the desert with over a thousand like minded people!  i had the great pleasure of taking two classes with Yogi Cameron, who i hadn't ever heard of until last week.  When i read his bio, i resonated with him right away, the clincher was hearing great things about him a close friend who had met him in India.  i am so glad i registerd for a couple of his classes.  He was sweet and humorous in his lecture.  He was certainly very knowledgable regarding Ayurveda, while keeping it very simple.  The take away for me was to treat our bodies like an experiment.  We know what feels good in the gut and what doesn't.  Also,  that we need to trust the inner knowing that is already there and follow our intuitive promptings.  Immediately following Yogi Cameron's lecture was a lovely practice of Hatha Yoga including some instruction on bandhas (locks we use in the body to reach a higher potential in our practice), and pranayama (controlling of the life force through breath exercises).   i thoroughly enjoyed the whole Yogi Cameron experience and walked away feeling calm, energized, balanced, and with some useful information on Ayurveda.  

Saul David Raye and Govinda Das & Radha were equally impressive.  They both use mantra and live music in there classes which i love!  While Saul was a little more subtle as he goaded us into some challenging holds, Govinda Das was definitely more ecstatic in his presentation!  But, regardless of the presentation, the combination of Kirtan (call and repeat chanting of mantras) and asana(yoga postures) is quite powerful and invokes in me a deeper level of devotion to my practice.  This devotion is called "BHAKTI" and i absolutely walked away from this weekend feeling completely blessed with it and inspired!  i would totally recommend any of these teachers to all of you.  "Bhakti Fest", a similar event, will be coming up in September.  i will be there, please join me!