I always feel so grateful to work with students at a private level.  It is amazing to see the transformative qualities of Yoga!  Of course, I always design private Yoga sessions around the students’ needs.  They can range from restorative yoga with a Thai Massage focus, to alignment based sessions where I help the individual to refine their practice, to more advanced sessions where I work with the individual to reach certain goals in their practice. These goals can include stronger standing balancing poses, arm balances, and binding, to name a few.

There are other students that are looking to deepen their meditation practice, breath work, or even to learn aspects of devotional Yoga which is focused on Mantra.  

I design practices for students by taking into consideration their limitations and/or strengths.  I will usually create a document for them to follow, this way they can develop a self practice after a few sessions with me.  We usually check back within several weeks when the student feels the need to expand on the practice that I have designed or perhaps they may need more guidance.  I am always available for questions or comments from my students and am happy to be of service in any way.

Private Yoga Sessions are available to meet the needs of the individual.  Whether you would like to learn more advanced poses, refine your regular practice, learn more about breathing techniques (pranayama) or meditation, we can design a practice that will suit exactly that which you are seeking!!!


1 hour $55

3 packs $120

5 packs $200

10 packs $400

Single sessions can be booked, but it is usually to the benefit of the client to book at least 3 sessions to receive the proper information and feel comfortable with their custom practice.

All of these styles can be done in a private setting.  Private sessions can be one on one, couples, and small groupings. Prices vary.

To book an appointment or for more information: 

Tel: 619-417-4574

Restorative Yoga


This style of Yoga is meant to maintain and/or restore balance, aid in correcting posture, and to build strength. It is particularly beneficial to the elderly, or those recovering from injury, surgery, and illness. Sessions include breath work, meditation, and basic postures. Depending on the needs of the individual, there can be a Thai Massage element incorporated into the session. 

These sessions are 1 hour.

Hatha Yoga


Hatha is classical Yoga.  This practice is for people of all ages.  We start the practice with meditation and breathing exercises.  We then warm up with Sun Salutations.  Sun Salutations are a sequence of postures that are synchronized with the breath to build heat in the body and release toxins.  After a proper warm up, there is a certain format that is followed with standing postures, balance postures, seated poses, twists, hip openers, forward bends, back bends, and inversions.  We finish the practice with a 15 minute guided relaxation.

These sessions are 75 minutes.

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga is much more dynamic than Hatha in the sense that the Sun Salutations are a bit more challenging and there is a flow involved with transitioning from one posture to the other.  The format is very much the same as Hatha, but is done with more fluidity.  We also start this practice with meditation and breathing exercises and complete it with deep relaxation.

These sessions are 90 minutes.