"The emotional balance bodywork provides is often just as vital as the physical benefits."

Laxmi Deleo


There’s no denying the power of massage.  We could be seeking a luxurious treat, stress relief, or pain management.  Massage is a powerful tool in our healthcare regimen.  Experts say that upwards of ninety percent of disease is stress related.  Nothing ages us faster, internally, and externally than high stress.  Massage, without a doubt, can help to manage stress.  This translates to decreased anxiety, better quality of sleep, increased energy, improved concentration and circulation, and less fatigue.  Clients often report a sense of clarity after receiving a massage. 

This is my standard massage where moist heat is used on the back to soften the muscles and bring the client into a deep state of relaxation and comfort.  A blend of modalities is used for the optimal benefit to suit the needs of the individual client.  

1 Hour $75  /   90 Minutes $100  /  3 Pack $150

Hydrotherapy Massage

Full Stone Therapy 

Stone Therapy is the use of smooth warm riverbed stones, combined with a variety of harmonious massage techniques.  The heat enhances the benefits of massage by warming muscles and joints, and relaxing the physical body to the deepest level.  It creates a true sense of earth connection and well being.

90 Minutes $125   /   3 Pack $300.

Mini Stone Hydro Massage:

This variety of massage gives the benefits of both the Hydro Massage and the Stone Massage.  Moist heat is used on the back, feet, and face. The Stones are used on the back, legs, and arms.  This is an abbreviated yet amazingly delicious version of two of my most requested massages.  This is a real treat with an economical price tag.  

70 Minutes $85   /   3 Pack $180

Pre-Natal Massage

This massage brings great relief to the tight shoulder, tired lower back, and swollen ankles of the expectant Mother. This massage is given with the client in comfortable reclined and side lying positions to give the optimal relaxation while being completely safe for their growing bundle of joy.  It is given with the utmost care and respect for Mama and baby.  Protocols and guidelines are used to safely and effectively work on the pregnant woman.

1 Hour $110   /   3 Pack $255

Thai Massage

Thai Massage is done with the client fully clothed in loose comfortable clothing while on a mat on the floor.  This massage is a series of acupressure compressions along the meridians (energy pathways) of the body along with a series passive stretches facilitated by the practitioner, akin to asanas (yoga postures).  Very little participation is needed by the client and the effect is a more open, flexible, and calm feeling.

85 Minutes $120   /   3 Pack $285.

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