Laxmi is a gifted teacher who expertly and lovingly guides her classes from meditation through the sweetest savasana. She is one of the most genuine people I know and teaches from her soul, giving her students more than she can know.  Laxmi, thank you for being you, and for providing a warm, safe and sometimes humorous practice. I'm so grateful for you, 

Love you!!!! - Elise Wald



Laxmi brings joy, open-heartedness, and authenticity to every single class that she guides.  Her classes challenge me physically, help bring me mental clarity, and put me in a positive place to accomplish self-growth. - Garrett Barr, College Student

Laxmi's such an intuitive person. I'm ever impressed with her class. She seems to know what I need and how far I can expand my practice. With a little laughter and love she gently pushes all levels to an enjoyable experience. What more can I say, she's incredible!  - Philip Toomes - Engineer UCSD

I first started taking Laxmi DeLeo’s yoga classes at Ginseng Yoga Studio in 2009. It sounds like an exaggeration to say it, but these classes have changed my life!  Not only have I established a yoga routine of taking classes 3-4 times a week, but I also have become calmer and happier, and surrounded by a great community of people that extends beyond the studio.  Not a bad outcome for starting out taking Laxmi’s class just searching for a good exercise regimen! 

I wasn’t any good at yoga when I started, having only really practiced yoga to dvd’s or at the gym. Although I was self-conscious about all the things I couldn’t do during that first class, Laxmi’s detailed instruction, her sly encouragement to let go of the ego, and her great sense of humor got me over myself quickly. Now that I am a seasoned yogini (I like to flatter myself), I am astonished at how Laxmi is able to tend to beginning students (like I was) while also providing a great experience for more advanced students. I should also mention that she always has a killer music playlist, with a wide range of styles.

Finally, I should add that I am a grateful massage client of Laxmi’s. Great prices, great massage, yummy aromatherapy, lovely massage therapist. I feel like I totally hit the jackpot finding Laxmi and all her talents. - Amy Binder, Professor of Sociology, UCSD

Laxmi brings many years of diverse yoga training and experience to her classes. You can feel the positive energy in the room from the moment you enter the studio. Laxmi creates a warm and welcoming experience laced with vast knowledge of the art and philosophy of yoga and her obvious pure love of the practice. You will be gently guided, challenged, and invited into a space of higher physical and mental awareness and enhanced energy blended into a yoga practice that delivers excellent coaching, pacing to achieve alignment in the asanas, and an all around uplifting and thorough practice.

Expect a varied experience. Laxmi mixes it up so that every class has enough variety and change to keep things interesting. Sequence changes, various breath work approaches, nuggets of knowledge from yoga philosophy, and inspiring music are integrated into classes to give participants full exposure to the many aspects of yoga practice. Laxmi teaches to all levels and makes the class work for advanced as well as novice students. She addresses modifications, correct use of props, and alignment tips that make the classes accessible for all. Additionally, she brings joy and comfort to your experience.

I've practiced yoga for many years, and in many places in and out of this country. Laxmi's classes are certainly one of the very high points in my journey and I hope to be able to practice with Laxmi for many years to come. - Deborah Johnson, Yoga Practitioner 

Yoga has become an extremely important part of my life over the past 4 years. As a mental health counselor I know the importance of healing the body, mind and spirit in order to be at ones best. In my personal life I try to find balance and growth in all of these areas and one thing that helps me on a weekly basis to do just that is to attend my Saturday morning yoga classes with Laxmi. 

I am grateful and also a little worried that I found her classes so early in my yoga practice because now I'm spoiled and extremely biased. She is such an amazing teacher that it is hard to find others who are even close to her level. She is genuine and caring of her students (you can tell by how she greets newbies to her class). She promotes community and a feeling of comfort, as advanced and more beginner students can fit seamlessly next to one another without feelings of judgement. I appreciate her ability to create a flow of movement in practice that is more like a dance than separate poses. I love that I can get a great workout, feel relaxed and connected all through her guidance. 

Her class is one of my favorite parts of the week and I am beyond thankful to have the opportunity to incorporate her classes into my life:) - Heidi McGann, Mental Health Counselor

Laxmi is an incredible Yogini, an extremely knowledgeable, compassionate and dedicated teacher who shares generously of her wisdom with all students. She always brings her full presence, her love and laughter to each class, creating a very special life affirming atmosphere that is palpable, making lasting impressions in everyone who experiences her teaching. Still after many years there is not a week that goes by where I'm not eternally grateful for her, her class, the community she has built, and how all of this has so transformed and enriched my own life. I love you Laxmi, thank you for being in my life! xoxoxox  - Merete Kjaer, Manager, Art Gallery UCSD